Character Packs Released:
We’re starting off the New Year with two new exciting additions to our It’sMe™ Character and Motion packs. Now It’sMe™ users can add even more lively options to their character libraries! Introducing the Zack Pack and the Fantasy Pack!


Zack Character Pack
With the Zack Pack you can choose from six stylish, hip and cool characters that fit in with today’s latest fashion trends. Impress your friends with your style savvy as you give your tech wardrobe a boost! Choose a Racer, Street or Rasta character to add some “image” to your image!       More Info | Buy Now


Fantasy Character Pack

The Fantasy Pack offers six whimsical and fun characters including an Angel, a Devil, a Clown and more! Now you can disguise yourself as some of your favorite characters and choose just the right one to fit your mood!     More Info | Buy Now
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It’sMe opens your digital photo collection to a new world of possibilities and interactivity. Create and customize astonishing personalized & fully animated 3D characters of yourself, your friends, or anyone from just a single photograph! more info click here

The special Repair and Share Digital Photo Kit
offers the great combination of both FaceFilter™ and TalkingSlide™.

FaceFilter™ enables you to easily enhance, adjust and improve facial images by making subtle facial expression changes. FaceFilter™ enables you to alter the mood or character of faces, making them appear as they were originally intended.

TalkingSlide™ enables you to create your own personal talking photo album and to create animated talking presentations simply and easily. Enhance your photos by recording your own voice or by importing audio clips from the web. A CrazyTalk™ interactive talking guide leads viewers through your presentation, adding impeccable narration to your collection of photos or presentation slides.
With the exclusive Repair and Share
Digital Photo Kit you can:

• Mend less-than-perfect photos
• Revamp and beautify average photos
• Create your own talking photo slideshows
• Share your photos in a unique and personal way

For more information about how the Repair and Share Digital Photo Kit can enhance your photo collection, visit our website.

Repair & Share
Digital Photo Kit

$69.90 $49.95
Limited Time Offer!!
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