Toddler touts turbulent travel toward towering task!

One small step for baby, one giant leap for your photos!
04-01-04 - San Jose, CA

While the first baby in space may be a bit far fetched, the fun you will have with CrazyTalk and the Fun Frame Pack is as real as it gets. Now you can easily create and share fun talking-photo messages with family & friends. CrazyTalk & Fun Frame Pack is also great for laughs around the office. But the fun doesn't stop here! With CrazyTalk, all your photos can reach for the stars.

Just in time for April Fool's Day!

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Already Got CrazyTalk? Get the Fun Frame Pack.
Sending animated messages has never been so fun! The CrazyTalk Fun FramePack extends your CrazyTalk software by providing 20 all new specially designed Fun Frames.

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"...have a unique way of conveying your message or putting words in the mouth of a toddler, your pet schnauzer, or the Statue of Liberty" PC Magazine  

"..We guarantee you'll find it amazing and hysterical."