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CrazyTalk 3.0 Web Edition
Publish photos on your website as talking-animated CrazyPal characters!

CrazyTalk 3.0 Home Edition
Make funny, creative and highly personalized talking messages from static 2D digital images in a matter of minutes

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What's New
Send personalized electronic greeting cards complete with your own talking character

Example output exported directly from the CrazyTalk application

Just a few interesting ways you can use CrazyTalk content in email, presentations, within Flash and on your web site

Animated introduction to using the CrazyTalk application

Key Features
A list of the key CrazyTalk features with linkable content

Web Features
Introduction to the Web Edition and features


Create talking e-cards, e-mails, and movies with your photos. Your photos are brought to life by bonding them with CrazyTalk's proprietary morphing facial wireframe to the contours of the image. Once the bonding process is complete CrazyTalk's 3D expression morphing technology is able to apply over 20 expressions and gestures (such as smiling, frowning, crying and laughing) to the image. You can even recording your own voice using the built-in audio record function and give a voice to your photo!!

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