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CrazyTalk v1.5
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A Special Invitation from Reallusion,

Reallusion is pleased to announce the next evolution of CrazyTalk; CrazyTalk v1.5 beta! We depend on innovators like you who have demonstrated the desire to seek out and integrate new technologies into your computing, web, and multimedia experience.

YOU can help determine the future direction of our products, by accepting our invitation and taking part in the beta-testing of CrazyTalk v1.5.

Be the first to experience how easy it is to create animated photos that speak with your own natural voice.

The Reallusion CrazyTalk Team

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CrazyTalk v1.5 beta makes your animated messages more natural, easier and powerful!

CrazyTalk introduces
Natural Voice capability!

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Now, not only can CrazyTalk create animated, speaking photos with simple text input, now you can animate your photos with your own, natural voice! Imagine being able to create talking photos that can even sing! Of course, you can still have your images show up to 20 different emotions.

Now you can create the same output that previously could only be achieved through professional Hollywood 3D studios. Fast! Easy and Fun!

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