May Edition
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Welcome to Reallusions May Edition of RealityCheck. Reallusion is excited to release full versions of CrazyTalk and Effect3D. With two new full releases and a free offer, May RealityCheck is full of great stuff.
CrazyTalk 1.1 Release
Make all Your Images Talk With CrazyTalk ver.1.1
It is now easier then ever to create animated talking digital images using Reallusions latest version of CrazyTalk ver 1.1. Some of the latest features in the newest version of CrazyTalk include; a simplified Wireframe-Fitting editor for easier editing of your images, improved zoom features for fine tuning and more detailed areas of your images and full support for MHTML email. If you have already experienced CrazyTalks easy to use features you will be excited with the latest enhancements. For first time users come check CrazyTalk ver. 1.1 out and add personality to any digital image.


Effect3D  1.1     Release

Create Just Like a PRO


The best just got better with a host of new features. Effect3D ver. 1.1 new features make it even more simple to add powerful 3D effects and animation to all your web projects.  

Create the perfect lighting by customizing the key, side, back, fill lighting and even the color of light in your model using the completely new Lighting Mechanism. With new artistic effects added to the Effect Parameters you now have even more control over the overall look and feel of your professional 3D effects. Effect3Ds new Realtime Animation Preview you cab preview your model with any of the animation effects without rendering, this not only saves time but also makes it easier to choose the best animation. When importing a model into Effect3D you can now individually select the original lighting and material settings for any image you import into Effect3D using the new Import 3DS files' attributes. 

With all Effect3D ver. 1.1s new features you will be astonished at your ability to create great 3D objects.

CrazyPal For Free

Let us Amaze you!


Let us amaze you with the power of CrazyTalks Fitting Editor and the full effect of CrazyTalk ver. 1.1.  

In May for all users of CrazyTalk ver. 1.0 and ver. 1.1 we offer a free fitting for any image of your choice. Just send us any image you would like to animate and we will do the work for you. Send us any image as an email attachment in either .bmp or .jpg formats to, please include "Free CrazyPal" in the subject field.  

Let us amaze you with CrazyTalks unique animation features.


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