April Fool's Day Edition
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Welcome to the April Fools Day Edition of RealityCheck.  Instead of news and events regarding Reallusion and our products, we thought you would enjoy a little levity, so we have prepared some ¡¥newscasts¡¦ and jokes you may wish to forward to your friends or possibly post on your website.

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News Reports
The daily news as you have never heard it reported before

  • Microsoft buys US in expansion bid
  • Sun Microsystems sues island of Java
  • World to end in 30 days
  • Internet to close for cleanin

Cards you can send to friends


To help you get into the spirit of April Fools Day, we¡¦ve assembled a wide variety of virtual cards with topics ranging from Alien abductions, to Fake Hard Drive Reformatting, to bogus Million Dollar award notices and fake Tax Audit Notices.  The cards take only a minute to create and have some pretty high profile virtual spokespersons, such as Bill Gates and George W Bush.  To see how easy it is to create an animated April Fools Day card, visit Reallusion¡¦s CrazyCard Factory by clicking here.


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