March 2001 Edition
Welcome to another edition of RealityCheck, a monthly newsletter from Reallusion showcasing promotions, tips and new ways to use your Reallusion products. Whether you're new to the Web, an e-mail veteran, a Web designer, or someone who just likes to dabble with animation and 3D graphics, Reallusion's products offer you the greatest degree of creativity and flexibility.
In this month's issue:
Effect3D awarded 5 out of 5 stars
CrazyTalk ver. 1.01 upgrade released
Integrating Reallusion output into
your website
Effect3D awarded 5 out of 5 Stars

Effect3D 1.0- ZDNET 5 STAR AWARD

Ziff Davis Publishing has reviewed and awarded Effect3D five out of five "stars" on its web site. Reallusion's Effect3D lets users of all skill levels produce professional-quality animated 3D objects in a matter of minutes, complete with animation and super cool 3D effects. Effect3D's slick wizard-based interface takes care of all the hard work, and its library of over 500 images and templates gives you plenty of room to let your creativity run wild. Just open a project, select an object, choose an effect, set the effect's parameters, pick a background, adjust the lighting and environment settings, select an animation, and you're ready to export your creation as an animated or static .gif file or a .bmp or .jpg file.

Effect 3D can be downloaded directly from Reallusion's web site at or from any of the following download sites:


Reallusion Product Upgrade Released

Reallusion has released an upgrade to CrazyTalk 1.0, our photo-animation software that allows any digital photograph to speak for itself (click here if you are unfamiliar with this product!) Imagine being able to animate ANY digital photo to bring your subjects to life! CrazyTalk is an easy-to-use piece of software that makes any picture "talk" by transforming text into synthesized voice messages, complete with synchronized lip movements and dozens of facial expressions. CrazyTalk can then save your animated message as an .exe file to share with others without the recipient needing to have any additional software!

If you have previously purchased version 1.0, you can upgrade FOR FREE to version 1.01 by clicking here. Version 1.01 improves CrazyTalk with the following added features and functions:
íP ADPCM Audio quality selection
íP TTS only output option
íP New export options (avi, bmp, wav)
íP Image size/quality selection
íP Cancel button during export media
íP More hotkeys

In addition, there is no need for a 'stand alone player' with version 1.01! Join more than 50,000 other users in giving life to your digital photos! But don't just take our word for it. Arthur Mrozowski, President of Media Galleries of Aptos, CA wrote us: "As a developer of interactive multimedia titles, I use a variety of professional tools to create titles containing animations and interactive content to improve the user experience. I have never before come across a product that is so easy to use and yet produces such professional results! My hat is off to your development team!"


Crazy Homepage
Build your Crazy Homepage Today!

With over 1 billion web pages available on the net today, how do you make your web page stand out? Create instant interactivity! Now you can have a talking newscaster reading back the top news stories of the day, a personalized "site spokesperson" telling the features of your website or a jester telling visitors your joke-of-the-day. Check out to see how one site is enhancing their user's experience.

Want to build up your own CrazyPal on your Web? Click Here to join our CrazyTalk Web Components beta program today to get the tools you'll need to bring a whole new level of interactivity to your website.

Tell users the benefit of joining CrazyTalk Web Component Beta program and take advantage of our sample code of the showcase Click here to see more examples of how you can use CrazyTalk on your Website.

Let us know about how you are using Reallusion's products on your website and you could be featured in a future edition of RealityCheck! Click here to send us your contact information.