Revoloutionary facial reconstruction tool, FaceFilter Studio™ in the spotlight.

Photoshop World 2004 Expo introduces attendees to FaceFilter Studio companion software for Adobe Photoshop.

Rellusion recently demonstrated the revoloutionary facial reconstruction features of FaceFilter Studio's™ 3D muscle based morphing giving photo editors complete control using Expression Templates, Facial Features, and muscle manipulation. Our live demo showcased how Adobe Photoshop users could easily add our effective tools to their digital photo editing solution enabling fast and precise editing to make faces look younger, slimmer, friendlier, smarter, kinder, confident, cooler or sexier.

Below you may view photos from the Photoshop World expo and samples from the live FaceFilter Studio demonstration.   More Info about FaceFilter Studio


   What PhotoShop World attendees said about FaceFilter Studio™

“Slick and time-saving software. FaceFilter Studio is a very handy
tool for photo retouching projects. An awesome time saver.”

Teresa S. Backer Yellow Cat Design 2004 Photoshopworld Guru Award Winner – Photo Restoration Category

“FaceFilter Studio makes my life easier.”
Michael D. Christie - Creative Director Design Studio Ltd. Kinston, Jamaica


   FaceFilter Studio is the best companion for Adobe Photoshop™

Live FaceFilter Studio Demo during Photoshop World Expo
Slides from demonstration showing FaceFilter Studio's powerful features and
easy workflow with Adobe Photoshop.
Antique photo before FaceFilter Studio facial reconstruction.
Antique photo after FaceFilter Studio facial reconstruction live at Photoshop world.

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