Reallusion's professional services allow clients the opportunity to bring new services to market quickly, while focusing on their core business. Using a combination of technical and professional strengths, we provide a targeted approach to optimizing the client's service, and then introduce relevant technological components in order to achieve a reliable, efficient and cost-effective solution.

Our range of core technology and services are designed to benefit network operators, content providers and device manufacturers; giving each the ability to build unique advanced and personalized multimedia content solutions.
Reallusion Total Product Offering (TPO)
Reallusion can tailor a standalone embedded front end; along with mobile server solutions, making a complete TPO (Total Product Offering) possible. A dynamic web component helps to augment the content richness for handset users, and offers handset manufacturers or carriers the ability to generate recurring revenue via 3G or GPRS access, and MMS sendout.
Reallusion's experienced team offers industry vision through expertise and their achievements have built a unique range of multimedia core technologies, combined years of proven experience with platform independent embedded mobile solution design, developed a range of well known PC software titles. Reallusion is dedicated to assisting handset manufacturers, carriers, or content providers in developing cutting edge killer applications that will redefine the multimedia phone.

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