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Reallusion Rewards
Our way of saying thank you...
Terms & Conditions
  1. Here we set out the terms and conditions for the Rewards Program between Reallusion Inc. and customers.

  2. Reward Balances are accumulated by making purchases in the Reallusion English Online Stores and Content Store (English and German stores). Purchases in the City Marketplace will NOT be included in the Rewards Program, neither will Reward Classes be applied in the City Marketplace.

  3. Should purchases be returned for refunds, the value of the refunded items will be deducted from the Reward Balance.

  4. Reward Classes will be classified based on paragraph 5 of these terms, or on other future notifications made by Reallusion. The Reward Class will be calculated on the basis of purchases made annually during Accumulation periods. Each Accumulation period consists of twelve months. For example:
        • Periods are from December 1st ~ November 30th (of the next year), Reward Classes will be awarded in January (of the next year).
        • Periods are from March 1st ~ February 28th (of the next year), Reward Classes will be awarded in April (of the next year).
        • Periods are from June 1st ~ May 31st (of the next year), Reward Classes will be awarded in July (of the next year).
        • Periods are from September 1st ~ August 31st (of the next year), Reward Classes will be awarded in October (of the next year).

        Each Reward Period consists of three months. Reallusion reserves the right to amend the Accumulation Period and Reward Class's awarded months, from time to time, upon written notice to rewarded customers. The following table better explains how we calculate Reward Classes during each Period.

  5. Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
    Accumulation Period   Reward Period



  6. Reward Classes are determined based on your purchases (Reward Balance), in accordance to the table below:

    Reward Discount 5% 8% 10%
    Free DA Points 50 100 200
    Annual Reward
    $200 ~ $499 $500 ~ $999 > $1,000
  8. Reward Discounts will automatically be applied during Check Out only if the Rewards Program gets activated. The free DA Points Coupone will appear during Check Out in the Reallusion Marketplace. Users may also choose to redeem their points, but they have to redeem all the free DA Points (Rewards Program points) in one purchase.

  9. The discounts for your Reward Class are valid for three months and will be applied when you purchase in the Reallusion English Online Store or Content Store. Reward Classes CAN be applied in conjunction with any other offer or discount.

  10. Reward Classes cannot be transferred and the Reward Discounts can only be used by the rewarded customer.

  11. Reallusion reserves the right to refuse to award a Reward Class, or to cancel the Reward Discounts should Reallusion consider that the Reward Class is being used fraudulently or in breach of these terms. In the event that the Reward Class is cancelled, the Reward Balance will also be cancelled and no Reward Discounts will be applied.

  12. Should Reallusion query the user's Reward Balance, the user shall be responsible for producing on request, the required proof of purchase for any queried transaction.

  13. Reallusion reserves the right to amend or terminate the Rewards Program or these terms and conditions at its sole discretion at any time, with or without notice.

  14. All times indicated are Universal Time Coordinated(UTC).

  15. For those who got free DA Points before December 31st, 2013( by promotion or any other event), your free DA Points will expire at the end of April, 2014. Please take note of this.