Fur Particle Applications

  • Applying the Fur Effect to a Custom Mesh
  • Fur Attributes
  • Texture for Emission
  • Color Map on Mesh
  • Exaggerating Distance with Camera Lens
  • Placing Fur on a Character with UV Map

PopcornFX Super Tools: Particle Alpha Remapper

  • Alpha Remapper for Ribbon Emitter
  • Alpha Remapper for Texture Emitter

PopcornFX Super Tools: Particle Mode

  • Blend Modes
  • Sprite Atlas
  • Sprite Animation Sequences

Applying Magic Particle Effects

  • Giving Your Character a Magic Aura
  • Arming Your Character with a Lighting Attack
  • Releasing a Column of Lighting
  • Adding Torch Fire for Ambient Lighting

PopcornFX Super Tools: Creating a School of Fish Effect

  • Setting the Follow Path
  • Setting Fish Amount & Appearance
  • Replacing Ribbon Texture

PopcornFX Super Tools: Creating Floating Dust and God Rays

  • Simulating Floating Dust
  • Creating Heavenly God Rays

PopcornFX Super Tools: Ribbon Emitter

  • Basic Ribbon Settings
  • Circulation Settings
  • Appearance Settings & Forces

PopcornFX Super Tools: Distortion Emitter

  • Creating a Water Ripple Effect
  • Creating a Wave Effect
  • Creating a Wake Behind a Boat
  • Simulating a Heat Wave

PopcornFX Super Tools: Control Particle Appearance Using Texture

  • Mesh Sampler
  • Color Map on Mesh
  • Color Map Lifetime
  • Texture for Emission

PopcornFX Super Tools: Mesh Emitter

  • Mesh Emitter UI
  • Mesh Replacement
  • Material Settings
  • Physics Mesh Intersection
  • Lifetime Color & Rotation
  • Wind Force & Gravity
  • Particle Mass

PopcornFX Super Tools: Getting Started with Texture Emitter Part 1

  • New Popcorn FX Folder Structure
  • Changing Particle Textures
  • Distribution & Spread
  • Volume, Distribution & Emit Position

PopcornFX Super Tools: Getting Started with Texture Emitter Part 2

  • Initial Speed
  • Particle Life Minimum/Maximum
  • Particle Rotation
  • Particle Lifetime Color Change

PopcornFX Super Tools: Text Emitter

  • Input Text & Display Mode
  • Displaying Lines Separately
  • Stylizing Text
  • Animating Text Attributes
  • Changing Text Font

Saving Customized Particle Effects

  • Customizing & Saving Ribbon Emitter Effects
  • Customizing & Saving Mesh Emitter Effects
  • Customizing & Saving Text Emitter Effects
  • Saving Special Sample Emitter Settings
  • Applying Project Sound to Particle Emitters
  • Loading PopcornFX Files

Particle Types Intro

  • Texture Emitter with Billboard
  • Ribbon Particle Types
  • Mesh Particle Types

Emitter with Sampled Shapes

  • Default Mesh & Prop Select
  • Multiple Select & Particle Offset

Dissolving Image with Particles

  • Dissolve Image
  • Selective Move* FX
  • Selective Move* Masking
*Note: Selective Move is now named as Sand Paint in the PopcornFX Library 40.