Technology Integration

Take advantage of PopcornFX's 3D particle systems that includes: Billboard, Ribbon, or Mesh to create any form of particles. Bring these energetic particles to iClone, and feel free to manipulate them with illumination control, rigid / soft body physics, and complete timeline editing. Furthermore, you can save and reuse your own custom particle effects with other effects, or target objects.

PopcornFX 3D Particles inside iClone

  • Billboard: Use texture image or sprite list as your particle source.
  • Ribbon: Connects particles into continuous ribbons for trailing effects.
  • Mesh: Select props or load 3D objects as your emitter source.

Realtime Particle illumination

  • Global Illumination (GI):
    • Transforms particles into dynamic light sources that naturally light up the scene.
    • Control the light bounce strength and times.
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Effects:
    • Manage particle bloom scale, tone maps, and exposure level, delivering sophisticated glowing strength.

Particle Physics - Emit, Collide, Bounce & Accumulate

  • Integrate PopcornFX particles with NVIDIA PhysX engine.
  • One-way Collision: Choose to bounce particles off from 3D objects, or accumulate them on their surface.
  • Two-way Collision: Use particle impulse to push away physics ready objects.

Free Editor & PopcornFX Import for Limitless Particles

  • Create brand new particle behaviors using the powerful script-based PopcornFX Editor.
  • Learn by samples, wiki, and free tutorials.
  • Directly load PopcornFX into iClone via the PopcornFX Plug-in.

Timeline Editing to Fine-tune Particle Effects

  • Precisely control particle on/off, timing, scale, opacity, color, density, impulse, etc.
  • All Attributes have their own timeline tracks.
  • Users can set keys for each attribute.
  • Effects are grouped for easy track management.

Save & Reuse Custom Particles

  • Combine several primary effects to form more complicated effects.
  • Save custom effects with your own attribute values and sampler data (mesh/texture/sound).
  • Attach particles to target objects, save them with props, accessories and characters.