Custom Resources Import

By changing the resource files and altering attributes of a particle, you can get amazingly different visual results. Users are free to set any mesh as your emission source, create realistic dynamic particles out of custom sprites, and define how they wish to emit the particles using texture maps.

Text Editing & Custom Fonts

  • Custom particles from any text input.
  • Import custom font tables for different font types.
  • Get immediate text animation by setting timeline keys for position, color, size, brightness, alignment, line spacing, and line numbers.

Creative Sprite Replacement

  • An easy way to create Toon Style particles by modifying existing sprite sheets.
  • Rearrange Sprite Elements to achieve totally different visual effects.
  • Randomize sprite displays or sequentially playback sprite elements over a lifetime.
  • Realistic PBR Sprite Render - IBL reflection, normal distortion, cast shadow and receive light.

Create Effects for Images

  • Instant particle animations applied to any image files.
  • Dissolve images into dynamic particles.
  • Simulate dripping sand paintings or produce animated strokes in Van Gogh style.

Define Trail Segments

  • Seamlessly chain a series of particles into a ribbon.
  • Define ribbon segments using custom image sprites or sampling meshes.
  • Create waving, spiraling, and twirling animation by alternating attributes.  

Use Mesh as Emitter

  • Use one or multiple 3D meshes as source of emission.
  • Define precise emission area (R) and strength (G) from mesh using texture color channels.
  • Specify emitted particle color directly from texture color.
  • Define fur length, thickness, color, resistance and damping values from texture.

Use Mesh as Particles

  • Select up to four mesh sources for random mesh emissions.
  • Two-way physics collision behaviors for emitted meshes.
  • Supports basic material effects for emitted mesh like diffuse, normal, roughness, and metallic.

Alpha Remap for Masking Animation

  • Use the alpha map to define particle shape changes over lifecycle.
  • Simulate dynamic Revealing Effects like center out, left to right, or spiral fading via alpha masking.
  • Alpha cycle is defined in the map from top to bottom, and over lifetime.

Color Map for Color Variation

  • Use color map to define particle color change over life cycle.
  • Define start and end positions over the color map to get multiple coloring effects from the same map.