The New Evolution of iClone

Reallusion has transformed iClone 7 into a completely new, visual powerhouse. Compared to previous versions, iClone 7 includes the latest visual technologies such as PBR (Physically-based Rendering), GI (Global Illumination), IBL (Image-based lighting), and a Real Camera System to help you easily produce photorealistic animations. Besides all this, Reallusion has also upgraded iClone's data-exchange module - 3DXchange 7, making it smoother and more powerful as well. Compared to previous versions, the new 3DXchange 7 can import and export more types of items like cameras, PBR content, and character morphs. To celebrate all these new achievementes, we’d like to provide all our loyal members with cost-effective upgrade prices starting from USD $119, for users of previous versions.