iClone Unreal Live Link Free for Indies

The iClone Unreal Live Link was initially designed for large studios to streamline production by removing monotonous import/export procedures and focusing on content iteration. By connecting iClone’s powerful character pipeline with Unreal Engine’s cinematic tools, Reallusion provided a much more efficient process that significantly accelerated workflows everywhere for GameDev, Cinematography, AR/VR, as well as Live Performance.


Reallusion now wishes to further empower the entire 3D community by making the premium Unreal Live Link plug-in FREE to all indie users! So if you are a freelance artist, a solo developer, or just love making awesome stuff… then now you have free access to this powerful bridging tool, while taking advantage of Reallusion’s new indie packages to create like a pro studio. Am I eligible for Indie License?

Why Unreal Users Choose iClone Unreal Live Link

Why Choosing iClone Unreal Live Link - Unrivaled character generation
1. Unrivaled Character Generation
Why Choosing iClone Unreal Live Link - Simplified Mocap for Face & Body
2. Simplified Mocap
for Face & Body
Why Choosing iClone Unreal Live Link - Massive Library of Unreal Compatible Motions
3. Massive Library of
Unreal Compatible Motions
Why Choosing iClone Unreal Live Link - Intuitive Motion Editing for Face & Body
4. Intuitive Motion Editing
for Face & Body
Why Choosing iClone Unreal Live Link - One-click transfer & animation live link
5. One-click Transfer
& Animation Live Link
Installation Guide | Workflow Tutorial

Outstanding Productions Powered by iClone & Unreal Engine

Showcase: Reallusion iClone & Character Creator Unreal Engine Pipeline

Who is eligible?

  • Your annual gross revenue from design work must be less than USD100,000 / year
  • Users who own the full version of iClone 7 and 3DXchange 7 Pipeline
  • Only one license per user /organization
  • iClone Indie includes a supplementary license for use on a second computer/laptop, users may also work on dual boot mode
  • Schools and educational institutions are excluded from this Indie License program

Please refer to the EULA [End User License Agreement] for specific details regarding these restrictions.


for Indie users who own iClone 7 & 3DXchange 7 Pipeline

If you are an Indie developer who already purchased the iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in before Jan.15, 2020, then please contact us to refund your purchase.

Don't have the iClone Pipeline yet?
Recommanded Packages for Indies
Animation Pipeline

Import and export all types of 3D assets, including static objects, animated props, skin-bone rigged characters, motion files. Output options available to Unreal, Unity, Maya, Blender, Cinema 4D or Daz Studio.


Digital Human

Generate your 3D digital double as first/third person or crowd characters from one photo, and bring them to life with intuitive realtime animation editing.


Mocap Solution

Create realistic characters with the Headshot Plug-in and combine the LIVE FACE app on the iPhone with Motion LIVE to create incredible facial animation for your 3D characters.