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iClone for
iClone5 is real-time filmmaking with quick design & production tools for digital actors, environments, visual effects & in-house motion capturing. Use the power of drag & drop editing with access to the largest library of real-time ready 3D content, and a powerful physics engine for smooth subject interactions. Be amazed with this fully-featured 3D animation studio that has revolutionized the art of 3D animation.

Real-time Production

Real-Time Animation, sometimes called Machinima, is filmmaking within a real-time 3D virtual environment, often used in 3D video-game technologies. Because Real-Time Animation can be shot live or scripted in real-time, this allows it to be much faster to produce than traditional CGI animations.

Content-Ready for Quick Storytelling

iClone's production layout is logically designed with Stage, Set, Actor, Animation, Media and Export features that make it easy for anyone to understand. Users can be their own directors and start animating without the hassles of creating content from scratch. The embedded content contains tons of character bases with customizable facial & body templates along with outfits, props, motion profiles, particles and post effect templates that allow you to start animating on the spot.

Mocap Animation

iClone is the first in-house mocap studio that allows you to directly bring in motion data without the burden of complex motion pipelines or tedious conversion issues. It offers the most affordable, and intuitive, motion capturing solution in the industry! You no longer need annoying motion capture suits or expensive cameras. Just launch iClone5 with any off-the-shelf depth camera, and start animating.

Green Screen Compositing

Green screen compositing is also known as "Keying" or "Chroma Keying". It is used to remove the green/blue screen background of a video, and replace it with another background. With iClone, you may immerse your video footage inside a completely new 3D environment which you can move around in 360 degrees. Your video footage may be moved, scaled and rotated in order to seamlessly fit with virtual props or visual effects.

Particle FX & Motion Graphics

iClone5 has an amazing visual effects engine with preset library and customization tools that allows you to create and save particle effects thanks to the simplified user interface for powerful particle creation and modification. You may even choose to work with additional content packs such as the Motion Design Elements Collection, which contains 678 high-resolution popVideos with their own alpha channel transparency, to work with other onscreen graphics.

User Story

Bob Vernon (Big Chief Entertainment)
- On iClone:" The benefits of iClone are that it is very cost effective and it is a user-friendly application, which puts it light years ahead of the competition".
Category: Featured Director
Founded by veteran producer Bob Vernon, Big Chief Entertainment, LLC is a fully integrated production company specializing in music, video, film, animated films and special live event production.
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Safano De Carli
- On iClone: "I started using iClone in 2006 when I found out that you could create your own faces on your avatar. One of the tools I like the most in iClone5 is the atmosphere settings- it helps to give you a sense of danger, a sense of expectation."
Category: Featured Director
You can get great results using just one light as the lights behave just like in?real world environments. Another feature that I really like is the depth of field effect,?as?you can achieve great?cinematic results"
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Binu Sasidharan
- On iClone:"Our previous project was created using Toon Boom Studio, which was a 2D animated. When we started thinking of going for a 3D animated features to be created within a short period, we did some research for the best software available with a decent budget, which led us to iClone."
Category: Featured Director
We found iClone affordable and user friendly, we didn't have to think twice. We tested the output quality on bigscreen, the result was very good. iClone is more user friendly and cost effective solution for movie production.
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