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iClone for
TV Broadcasting
Real-time animation in iClone evolves with 3D Video FX including virtual newsroom, broadcast graphics, & chromakey effects. Combine virtual sets with a chromakeyed iClone popVideo of yourself or a spokesperson for professional video broadcasts without the concern for expensive on-location studio fees.

One-click Chromakey

Reallusion popVideo Converter turns any green/blue screen video, or image sequence, into a video with transparent background (popVideo). Real humans, pets, comics and animations can all become an impressive virtual host for any business or educational production.

Modular Virtual Stages & Sets

Virtual studios inside iClone allow you to produce like a pro, surrounded with dynamic sets and stages. Whether you are producing video podcasts, news broadcasts, school channels or just need a simple set to introduce a video montage; iClone Virtual Set packs have everything you need to build your own customized studio.

Video Compositing & Virtual Interaction

iClone allows for 3D Video FX motion graphics and video compositing. You may create stunning visual effects for videos with iClone's easy drag and drop creation process. Select any video source including HD, and drop it directly onto iClone props to add broadcast quality motion graphics to any video project.

Talking Avatars with Audio Lip-sync

Import a WAV file or record your own voice to use with iClone's built-in audio lip-syncing function. Enjoy a vast phoneme databank that automatically lip-syncs your 3D avatar to your voice. Advancements in text-to-speech offer great quality animations for all end-users, and additional solutions for text-driven voice performances.

Virtual Studio Library

Combine iClone virtual sets with green or blue screen footage for great professional results. Immerse yourself, or any other spokesperson without the need to physically build or rent an expensive studio. Everything inside iClone Virtual Sets is movable, interchangeable and completely customizable with graphics, textures, images and video footage.

User Story

Jesse Griffith (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
- On iClone: "When I look back on the "The Last Starfighter" which was the first space movie to do entire CG exteriors, the computer that was used cost 8 million dollars. I bet now you could do every FX shot with a $1,500 computer and a copy of iClone."
Category: Featured Director
Jesse Griffith is a member of the Jimmy Kimmel Live graphics crew and a fan of CrazyTalk and iClone. Jesse shared his CrazyTalk experience with us and talked about how iClone will help independent filmmakers.
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L4 Kreation (ZDF Network)
- On iClone: "When we were planning "Mo and Ma", iClone was the only product to produce commercial machinima movies. You can purchase alot of content for a small amount of money and as I said before, it integrated easily into our production pipeline."
Category: Featured Studio
At L4 Kreation we produce media content for various customers, such as Bundesministerium fur Gesundheit (ministry of Health), ZDF (TV Station), Universal Music and for our parent company L4 institute......
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Small Wonder Studio
- On iClone: "I think it has great possibilities as the program grows. The speed of rendering is a huge plus and being able to add objects from other applications helps a great deal."
Category: Featured Studio
Small Wonder Studio was formed in 1973. Since then we have been producing, directing, and shooting original productions, music videos, TV commercials and documentaries. Working in film & video Small Wonder Studio is ready to tackle any production assignment. In recent years 3-D computer animation......
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