Character Contacting with Targets (New for 5)

In the Using the Reach Target Panel section, you learned how to have the character point at a certain target. In addition to this, the Reach Target feature also allows you to have the character contact with the target.

Reach Mode - Reach Object

  1. Apply a character and a target object, in this case the coffee cup.
  2. Have the character's right hand point at the coffee cup. Please refer to the Using the Reach Target Panel section for more information.
  3. If you wish the hand to contact with the cup, then press the Reach to... button to open the Reach to Sub-Node panel.
  4. Activate the Reach Object box under the Reach Mode group so that the hand will be snapped and aligned to the pivot of the coffee cup.

Reach Mode - Rotation

If the reached target has or will have motion or animation, especially Rotation, then you may find that the body parts that only contact with the target will be penetrated by the target when the target rotates. By activating the Rotation box in Reach Mode, the body parts will not only touch the target but also follow the orientation of the target.

  1. Apply a character and have the character's right hand reach out and touch (Reach Object activated) the target prop.
    • The hand reaches towards the prop.
    • The fingers are adjusted with the Edit Motion Layer panel.
  2. Rotate the prop.
    • The prop rotates.
    • The hand does not rotate, which causes the prop to go through the fingers.
  3. In the Reach to Sub-Node panel, activate the Rotation box for the hand.
  4. Rotate the prop again.
    • The hand rotates along with the prop.