Pressure and Volume Conservation (New for 5)

The Pressure and Volume Conservation settings are effective in enclosed objects.


The pressure is the force per unit area applied in a direction perpendicular to the surface of an object. In an enclosed soft body, it acts from the center of the body towards the surface. This can cause the soft body to inflate or swell.

Pressure = 0

Pressure = 20

The object swells like a balloon.

Pressure and Mass

When pressure is too high, the object acts much like a balloon; and if the mass of the object is too low then the object will fly away.

Mass = 1

Pressure = 50

The object flys away.

Mass = 10

Pressure = 50

The object stays where it is.

Volume Conservation

Volume Conservation defines how the object's volume is kept when the object is squashed.

Mass = 100

Pressure = 1500

Volume Conservation = 0

The object's volume is not kept. It is flattened more.

Mass = 100

Pressure = 1500

Volume Conservation = 2000

The object's volume is kept. So it is squashed out from under the board.