Connecting Key Frame Animation with Physics Simulation (New for 5)

After simulating animations of a rigid body, the result will be saved as a clip in the Animation track. However, each object also has its own Transform track that keeps the transform data. In this section, you will learn how to mix, and use the animation clips and transform keys.

Simulation Clip after Transform Keys

Though it is highly suggested that you simulate the physics animation from the start frame, you are allow to do so in a different time frame. In combination with the use of transform keys, you can produce practical animations.

In this section you will add a series of transform keys and then start to simulate physics animations after these keys.

  1. Disable the Rigid Body Simulation button (Enabled: Disabled: ).
  2. Select the garbage bulk.
  3. Set the bulk as Dynamic rigid body (Shortcut: Shift + F9).
  4. Set transform keys one at a time, in different time frames, or use Puppeteering to make the bulk move.

    Transform keys are set.

    Transform keys in the Transform track.

  5. After the transform keys, enable the Rigid Body Simulation button and click the Play button to start the simulation.

    Go to a frame after the last transform key.

    Start physics simulation.

  6. The animation will be saved in the Animation track.

    Combination of transform keys and physics animation.

    Animation clip in the Animation track.

    (If you are not satisfied with the animation, you may go back to the same time frame as the one in the last step and simulate again.)

Enhancing Simulation Clips by Overlapping Transform Keys

After physics simulation, the generated animation clips can also be adjusted by setting transform keys within the range of the clip. This is to fine-tune the clip.

Given a Dynamic car being pushed off the cliff by a Kinematic dummy (hidden).

  1. Open the timeline and show the Transform and Animation tracks. You will see that there is only one clip in the animation track.
  2. Set transform keys over the clip to turn the car upside down.

    The transform keys turn the car over.

    The transform keys affect the animation clip.

  3. The overlapped keys fine-tune the animation clip.


    • If you add transform keys before the simulation, then the physics animation clip will ignore the entire transform keys before simulation. Referring to the transform keys may generate incorrect and unnatural animations.