Actor - Look At

Instead of manually adjusting the head of an actor to look at a moving target, you may use this time saving feature.

Look At

  1. Double click on the desired actor.

  2. Go to the Actor/Avatar/Modify page. In the Look At section, click the Pick Target button.

  3. In the 3D viewer, click on a target.


  • You can have the actor Look At the target object over a certain period of time and then have it stop looking outside that time range.

  • You may optionally select the sub node of the target by clicking on the button and select a desired node in the tree view.

The actor looks at the whole object

The actor looks at the sub-node
(the front wheel)

Look At the Camera

If you want the actor to Look At a camera all the time, simply click the Look At Camera button.

The actor rotates her head and looks at the camera all the time even if the camera moves away.

The actor looks at the camera

The camera moves away (the actor rotates her head to keep looking at the camera)

Weight and Convergence

You may drag the Look At Weight slider to adjust the rotation weight of the eyes or the head.

The slider near the Head end

The slider near the Eyes end

To adjust the Eye Convergence, drag the slider to the Inward or Outward side.

The slider near the Outward end

The slider near the Inward end