Dummy as the Reaching Target (New for 5)

Each prop contains only one pivot for a target. Therefore, when a character wants to hold a prop firmly with both hands, both hands have to hold on to the same pivot, which causes hands penetrating each other; or the prop attaches to one hand, and the other hand can only strike a holding gesture that you need to constantly adjust if the prop or character moves.

With the use of a dummy, you can easily reach both character's hands so that the dummies are attached to the prop. Even if the character or the prop moves, you do not need to worry too much about the results.

  1. Select the bar which will be reached by a character.

    The bar has only one pivot.

  2. Select a character and have both hands reach the bar.

    Both hands reach the same point. Penetration occurs.

  3. Apply two primitive props and move them closer to the bar. Attach the props to the bar.
  4. Reach both hands of the character to the dummies.
  5. Adjust the hand gesture. Please note that you may show/hide the dummies by using the shortcut, Ctrl + D.