Dummy as a Looked Target (New for 5)

When you need a prop to be looked at from head to toe by other characters or props; as it only have one pivot, the other objects can only looks at its pivot. By using dummies, the other objects can thus look at the prop's different parts.

  1. Apply a main prop. The other objects such as the characters can only look at its pivot.
  2. Apply several primitive props spreading around on the target prop. You may optionally remove all the textures from these dummy-to-be props to downsize the project.
  3. Select the primitive props and individually enable the Set as Dummy box in the Prop section of the Modify panel.
  4. Attach all the dummies to the main prop.

    The highlight of the dummy prop turns to red.

  5. Use the Look At feature of the other objects to look at these different dummies. Please note that you may show/hide the dummies by using the shortcut, Ctrl + D.

    Characters look at the dummies.

    Dummies are hidden.