Increasing Light Contrast with Multiplier (New for 5)

In iClone, the strength of each light is specified by the color. When you want to increase the strength and contrast of the light, you may de-saturate the color of the light to make the entire scene lighter in color.

By using the Multiplier feature of the light, you are allowed to keep the original color of the light while increasing the global strength and contrast. This feature applies to Directional Lights, Spotlights and Point Light. It provides room for an artist to turn ordinary animations into uniquely stylish ones.

Producing Lighting at Noon with the Multiplier

  1. Prepare a project with a default light.
  2. Go to Stage >> Light.
  3. Change the light color to light yellow.
  4. Increase the light strength by adding values to the Multiplier.

    Multiplier = 2.5

    The light is brightened while the color of the light remains the same.


    • If you use the color picker to try to increase the brightness of the light, then the result merely turns the entire scene pale; also the contrast will not increase.
    • Please refer to the Darkening the Shadow section for more information.

Multiplier, Spotlight and Point Light

With the same concept, you may use the Multiplier to highlight the light center cast by the spotlight or point light.