Cartoonize a Character (New for 5)

By using the Toon Shader feature, you may cartoonize your 3D project to create visual impacts; especially for characters. In addition to the feature, you may also combine the use of Effects to strengthen the cartoon feeling or weaken the noise caused by the texture once you use the Toon Shader effect.

Character and Toon Shader

If you want to create cartoon-like characters, then the texture of the character's skin or clothes may cause the results to look like birth marks or dirt. The textures of the character thus need some modification in order to optimize the cartoon result.

Before Toon Shader applied

Toon Shader applied
(Diffuse map causes the face to look dirty)

Please follow the steps below to modify this situation.

  1. Select the character and switch to Actor >> Skin.
  2. In the Material and Texture Settings section, select the RL_Face from the Select Material drop-down list.
  3. Set the Strength of the Diffuse channel to 0. (You may also delete the diffuse texture if you want to downsize the character)
  4. Set the Diffuse, Ambient and Specular color for the character.
  5. Repeat Step 2 to 4 on all the other materials in the Select Material drop-down list.
  6. Switch to Stage >> Atmosphere >> Toon Shader and set the strength and width of the edges.

Strengthening the Toon Shader with Post Effects

Once you have applied the Toon Shader, you may need some more adjustments or you may need to add Effects to strengthen the cartoon feeling.

  1. Since the eyelashes of the character seem to interfere with the cartoon effect around the eyes, select the character and switch to the Head >> Eye, in the Modify panel, and disable the Eyelash box.

    Eyelash = On

    Eyelash = Off

  2. Switch to the Atmosphere >> Effect.
  3. Apply the Color Adjust template from the Content Manager. Modify the Brightness and Contrast values to strengthen the toon feeling; optionally adjust the Grayscale value to pale the scene.

    Brightness = 13

    Contrast = 20

    Grayscale = 0

    Brightness = 13

    Contrast = 20

    Grayscale = 15

  4. Apply the Color Filter to adjust the holistic color tone of the scene.

    Red Filter = 10

    Green Filter = 6

    Blue Filter = 3

    (Simulate an old film effect)


    • When you use the Toon Shader, only the Directional Light 1 will be left for adjustments.
    • It is Not Suggested that you use the Self Cast Shadow option nor the Ambient Occlusion effect since you may encounter noise-blending issues in the toon effect.