Toon Shader and Texture (New for 5)

The purpose of the Toon Shader is to make your work look like a cartoon. However, if the objects within the project contain textures then the Toon Shader effect and the textures will be blended together.

Blended Toon Shader and Texture

When the Toon Shader works with textures, the result can be inadequate. It depends on the result shown on the screen. You may sometimes do some modifications to get the best appearance. Please note that the Bump texture effect can not be seen when the Toon Shader is ON.

Toon Shader with no texture

Toon Shader with Diffuse Map

Toon Shader with Opacity Map

Toon Shader with Specular Map

Toon Shader with Glow Map

Toon Shader with Reflection Map

Blended Toon Shader and Colors

The Toon Shader covers three levels of colors onto all objects, and once the colors are set, the Diffuse, Ambient and Specular colors of objects will be blended with the three-level gradient colors.

You may drag the middle-second anchor to adjust the range of each level.

Original color

Adjusted Diffuse, Ambient and Specular

Blended with Light and Shade colors in the
Toon Shader.