Sketching the 3D Scene (New for 5)

The Toon Shader empowers you to sketch up your 3D scenes, which help you produce cartoon-like animations from a 3D world.

  1. Create a 3D scene.
  2. You may optionally remove partial or all the textures in the scene.
  3. Turn on the Toon Shader.
  4. You can turn the outline off by setting the Edge Width to 0, and customizing the 3 level colors by setting the Light and Shade colors.
  5. Increase the Edge Width.
  6. Change both the Light and Shade color to the same color to make your 3D world turn completely into a sketch.

    Light and Shade colors of the Toon Shader are set to gray.

    Change the Silhouette Edge color to create a blueprint.