Inserting Frames (New for 5)

IClone provides an Insert Frames feature so that all the keys and clips of objects, after the insertion timeframe, can be moved once instead of dragging them one by one.

Insert Frames for the Entire Project

By using the Insert Frames feature, you may add more time to the beginning of the original project. Keys of every object will be affected and shifted to later frames. This is useful if you want to add more animations in front of a story.
* Please note that this method increases the total length of the project.

  1. Open a project with animations in different objects. Start from the first frame.
  2. Open the Timeline (F3).
  3. Click the Track List button and select Project to show the project track.
  4. Press down the Project button. Click the first frame on the track.
  5. Click the Insert Frames button on the tool bar. Enter a frame number before the start frame.
  6. Click the OK button and the specified number of frames will be added before the start frame. The initial animations will then be postponed and the total length of the project will be increased.