Creating and Saving a Unique Pose (New for 5)

By using the Collect Clip technique, you can easily create a custom one-frame pose for the character to start acting at the start frame with the pose.

  1. Apply a character. It is initially still with only an idle pose.
  2. Produce motions by any means.

    Apply a motion from the Content Manager.

    Modified motion with Edit Motion Layer key.

  3. Playback and pause at the time frame where the character acts a pose you want to extract.
  4. Open timeline (Shortcut: F3) and open the Collect Clip track of the character.
  5. Single-click on the cell of the time frame on the Collect Clip track to easily make a one-frame selection.
  6. Right-click on the time frame and select Collect to Motion Library, save it as a motion file (*.iMotion).
  7. Save the current project for further editing.
  8. Drag and drop the saved motion file onto the character at the first time frame. The character will have a new start pose.