Adding or Modifying Lip Synching Keys (New for 5)

IClone is capable of auto-producing lips shapes as soon as a new voice file is applied to a character (*.wav, *.mp3); this is known as Lip Synching technique. After the keys are generated you may set new Lip Synching keys, or modify the existing keys manually in order to have the most faithful lip shapes for the talking character.

Adding or Modifying Lip Synching Keys

  1. Select a character and apply a voice to it by Importing .CTS, Recording, Importing Voice File or using the Text-to-Speech features.
  2. Launch timeline (Shortcut: F3).
  3. Press the Face button.
  4. Press down on the triangle next to the Viseme track. You will then see the Voice and Lips sub tracks.

    The wave line may be used as a reference for adding lip-synching keys.
  5. In the Lips Track, you may see the auto-generated keys.
  6. If you wish to add new keys, then double-click on the empty frame cell found inside the track in order to open the Lip Synching panel.
  7. If you wish to modify existing keys, then double-click on the keys to modify.
  8. You may drag the Expressiveness slider in order to designate the strength of the lip shape.
    Please note that the results can only be seen after you release the slider.

    Phoneme: Oh

    Expressiveness = 50

    Expressiveness = 80