Creating Body Motions (New for 5)

By using the Reach Target keys and Dummy Props, you may use props to control characters and their motions.

  1. Apply a character and a paddle prop.
  2. Attach two primitive props (the lower the polygon the better) to the paddle to be the targets of both hands. Set them as dummy.
  3. Set the two hands to reach to the dummies, and also activate the Reach Object and Rotation modes (You might sometimes encounter flipping issues in the body parts).
  4. Rotate the pivot of the dummies so that the hands rotate in the correct direction.
  5. Adjust the body parts by using the Edit Motion Layer >> Pose panel.
  6. Select the parent prop of the dummies (in this case, the paddle) and set transform keys to animate the prop. You may also use the Prop Puppet panel to quickly animate the paddle.

    Manually set transform keys to the paddle (left illustration) or use the Prop Puppet panel to add keys to the paddle (right illustration).