Setting Default Keys and Resetting Motion Layer Keys (New for 5)

In the Edit Motion Layer panel, there are two buttons under the dummy pane. They can be used for retrieving poses, but they can have different results for individual purposes.

What is the Default Pose in iClone?

Our definition of a Default Pose in iClone indicates the default personality reflecting the nature of the character. You can see it as the Default Pose when first loading the character. It is also the initial pose for the idle motion loop of a character's persona (e.g. the first frame for idle motion); usually it is used to connect all motion loops.

The Default Pose of the embedded G5 (generation 5) male - Chuck.

The Default Pose of the embedded G5 (generation 5) female - Gwynn.


Please note that the Default Pose is different from the T pose or Y pose (as shown in the illustration below) that other traditional 3D editing tools usually use. If you want to use these poses, then you can find them in the G5_Pose library in the Motion >> Content Manager.

Setting Default Keys (Reset Pose Key)

When you use the Edit Motion Layer panel to modify the pose of the character, you may find it hard to initialize the character to its original pose. By clicking the Default button, you can add a motion layer key that rectifies all the offsets and has the character stand straight in the default pose. In addition to that, if you ever clicked the Reset button on the play bar or right-clicked on the character and select Remove All Animations, then the character will stay in the current pose. Use the Default feature so that you can have the character stand back to the default pose again.

  1. Select a character with a motion or any pose.
  2. Click the Reset button on the play bar; or right-click on the character. Then select Remove All Animations from the right-click menu.
  3. The character's default pose will be replaced by the current pose.
  4. Click the Default button in the Edit Motion Layer panel.


    • Clicking the Reset Pose Key on the timeline tool bar can also have the same effect.
  5. You can click this button at any time frame to retrieve the default pose. A motion layer key will be automatically added into the Motion layer track and its sub-tracks.

Resetting Motion Layer Keys

This feature is designed especially for the Motion Layer track. Press the button to add a pose key to counteract the Motion Layer effect of the previous key.

When you are modifying the pose via the Edit Motion Layer panel and are not satisfied with the results, then you may also click this button to neutralize the data in the key and start all over again.

  1. Select a character that already has an applied motion.
  2. Go to the desired frame, set one Motion Layer key to tune the bone offsets for the Perform motion.
  3. If you are not satisfied with the result then you may want to reset all the offsets:
  4. Go to another frame. Click the Reset button again. The transition motion between the keys will auto-generate.