Slider Control and Mouse Control (New for 5)

There are two methods to triggering motions within the Body Puppeteering Panel, Slider Control and Mouse Control.

Slider Control Mode

If you switch to the Slider Control tab, then you can constantly change the character's motion weights and speed values during Previewing or Recording. The character's motions react instantly to the values.

The main purpose for the Slider Control Mode:

Exaggeration and Speed

During the previewing or recording procedure, the character starts to perform the preset motion in a loop. You may drag the Exaggeration or Speed sliders to affect the motion in real-time.

Sliders in the Preset Tab

The sliders in the preset tab are divided into several sections which individually control the motion weight of different body parts. During the previewing or recording procedure, you may drag these sliders to alter the value to produce a derivation motion from the preset.

Mouse Control Mode