Puppeteering with an Existing Motion or Pose (New for 5)

Once you have created or applied a motion or pose to a character then you may need to amend some body motions or start acting with the pose in order to generate a whole new motion. For this you can use the puppeteering methods.

Preparing Motion or Start Pose for a Character


If you want to start puppeteering with underlying motions, you may need to apply or create a motion for the character first. The methods are:

Start Pose

If you want to puppeteering a character with a start pose, then you may either:

Puppeteering with a Motion or a Pose

  1. Select the character that has an applied motion or pose.
  2. Use the Masking Puppeteering and Multi-Layer Recording in the Motion Puppet panel, or the Multi-Layer Recording in the Direct Puppet panel to puppet and record the motion for the static body part.


    • After puppeteering, the original motion of the body part will be replaced with the puppeteered motion.
    • If the underlying motion has intense movements, and you want to puppet and rotate a specific body part, then it is highly suggested that you use the Primary Rotation or Secondary Rotation modes in the Direct Puppeteering - Rotate method.