Multi-Layer Recording (New for 5)

The Direct Puppet allows you to record body motions layer by layer. You may then separately record motions for different body parts and the outcome is a combination of motions you have designed. This method is suitable for generating a brand new motion from scratch.

Multi-Layer Recording

  1. Apply a character. Initially, it is still with only an idle pose.
  2. Open the Direct Puppet panel.
  3. Go to the time frame where you want to start producing your custom motion.
  4. Puppet and record a motion for one specific body part. Please refer to the Using the Direct Puppet Panel section for more information about recording body part motions at once.

    Toggle the Screen-based Movement mode and record the hip panning to the left motion.

  5. Go to the same start frame again and repeat the last step for other body parts.

    Toggle the Screen-based Movement mode and record the leg stepping aside motion.

  6. You may optionally rotate the camera to another view to puppeteering another body part.

    Toggle the Screen-based Movement mode and record the hand stretching up motion.

  7. Follow the same method to repeat puppeteering and recording with other body parts.

    Toggle the Primary-Rotation mode and record the waist rotating motion.


    • If you are not satisfied with a motion outcome of a certain body part, then you may individually remove the motion and record again. Please refer to the Removing Motions of Body Parts for more information.
    • Click the Play button on the play bar to view the puppeteering recording results.