Masking Puppeteering and Multi-Layer Recording (New for 5)

Masking Puppeteering means to puppeteering individual body part by masking out the unwanted body parts of a Body Dummy. You may extract a specific body part motion from the presets in the base motion.

Masking Puppeteering

  1. Select one of the presets in the Base Motion.
  2. Make sure that you have switched to the Mask tab in order to show the body dummy.
  3. Press the Space Bar to start previewing. (Or click the Preview button and press the Space bar)

    The complete base motion.

  4. Deactivate the body parts of the Body Dummy in order to mask out the motions from these body parts.

    Ignore the legs motions.

  5. Use the standard method to preview or record the character's motion. Only the selected body parts will be puppeteered.

    Only the motions of the upper body are recorded.


    • Click the button to deselect all the body parts.
    • Click the Play button on the play bar to view the puppeteering recording results.

Multi-Layer Recording

Multi-layer Recording is about recording character motions, layer by layer. It is helpful when you need to do mix-recording. This way, the character can generate thousands of motion combinations from a limited number of templates.

  1. Follow the Masking Puppeteering procedure described earlier on this page, and record a motion of a specific body part.
  2. Go to the time frame when the previous motion starts. Select another motion preset.
  3. Pick other body parts on the Body Dummy.

    Select only the legs for recording their motions.

  4. Puppeteer and record the motions of the un-masked body parts.
  5. Repeat to record motions of individual body parts (layer by layer). This way you may generate a whole new motion with your own puppeteering.


    • If you do not select other body parts in Step 4, then the motions recorded in Step 1 will be overridden.
    • Click the Play button on the play bar to view the puppeteering recording results.