Direct Puppeteering - Rotate (New for 5)

In the Puppet section of the Direct Puppet panel, you can find the Rotate group with 3 radio buttons. You may select one of the buttons to decide the way you wish to puppet the selected body part.

Screen-based Rotation

This is a way to rotate a body part on the plane of the screen. Take note that the angle of the camera affects the puppeteering result. This is the freest puppeteering mode available.

The camera viewing plane.

The screen-based puppeteering result.

Rotate the camera viewing plane.

The screen-based puppeteering result changes.

Primary Rotation

Primary Rotation is a character-based rotating method, which has the body part rotate in the same often rotating pattern. It takes less energy to do such a movement and it is more frequent in human motion, so it is put as the primary mode.

Hover your cursor left and right.

Hover your cursor up and down.

Basically, when you move your mouse left and right, the Primary Rotation mode rotates the bone around its long axis.

However, there are some body parts that have different primary rotate directions.

Secondary Rotation

The Secondary Rotation rotates the body part around its less used rotation pattern. When you move your cursor up and down, the rotation is identical to the Primary Rotation mode; however, as you move your cursor left and right, the body part rotates in a rare rotation direction.

Move your cursor left and right; the rotate direction is different, which is an uncommon rotation pattern.

Move your cursor up and down to have the same results as with the Primary Rotation mode.


  • When you are previewing or recording, you may press 4, 5, or 6 to switch to another rotate mode.