Direct Puppeteering - Move (New for 5)

In the Puppet section of the Direct Puppet panel, you can find the Move group with 3 radio buttons. You may select one of the buttons to decide the way you wish to puppet the selected body part.

Screen-based Movement

This is a way to puppet a body part on the plane of the screen. Take note that the angle of the camera does affect the puppeteering result. This is the freest puppeteering mode available; however, the body part may sometimes penetrate the body.

The camera viewing plane.

The screen-based puppeteering result.

Rotate the camera viewing plane.

The screen-based puppeteering result changes.

Horizontal Movement and Vertical Movement

The Horizontal Movement is suitable for puppeteering body parts along the horizontal plane, such as a table; while the Vertical Movement is for body parts to move along the vertical plane, such as a wall.

When you want to use these two modes for wiping on a surface, remember to activate the Lock Rotate of the hand so that it does not rotate, as this auto-triggered by the forearm bones.

Use Horizontal Movement to puppeteer the left hand.

The hand can only be puppeteered on the horizontal plane.

Use Vertical Movement to puppeteer the right hand.

The hand can only move along the vertical plane. It is highly suggested that you rotate the camera so that the camera viewing plane is parallel to the wall.


  • When you are previewing or recording, you may press 1, 2, or 3 to switch to another move mode.