Defining Custom Motions with the Parameter Sliders (New for 5)

Each category preset has adjustable parameters. These parameters decide the motion weights of specific body parts. With these parameters, even a single motion preset can create various motion styles.


Lean Back

Lower Hip

Elbow In

Defining Custom Motions

  1. Select a character.
  2. Select a category and pick a preset.
  3. Switch to the Preset tab. You will then see parameters sliders provided for this preset. Please refer to the Puppeteering Principles for Motion Puppet Panel section for more information.
  4. Start to preview or record. The character will keep repeating the motion.

    Initial walking motion

  5. Drag the sliders during previewing or recording, to change the motion weights of the body parts.

    Lower Hip

    Lower Hip + Lean Forward


    • The number of parameters are different from preset to preset.
    • Please note that if you are using the Mouse Control mode, then the parameters in the preset tab will all be disabled. You must adjust the values before previewing or recording.

Saving and Loading Body Puppet Profiles

When you are satisfied with the previewing or recording results, then you may save the settings into a file and load them onto another character.

What is saved in a Body Puppet Profile?