Creating Animation Helper

In iClone, you may create your own animation helper by setting Transform keys and using the Collect Clip track. Saving the custom helper into the content manager allows it to be applied to any project multiple times. This will save a lot of time when creating objects with the same animations in different projects.

In the following sample, we will create a helper containing taking-off and rotating wings animations.

Collect Clip

  1. Apply any 3D block to your scene. If you drag a prop into the scene click the Zero Transform Key button on the timeline to set the centralize the object.

  2. Open the Transform track. There will be one key already in frame 1. Go to frame 20 and move the block up the Z axis to your desired height. You now have a taking off animation ready.

  1. Go to frame 21 and click Zero Transform Key button again.

  2. Go to frame 30 and rotate the block along the Y axis. Click Zero Transform Key at frame 40. Now your rotating animation is ready.

  1. Open the block's Collect Clip track and drag to select a range to include frame 1 and frame 20. Right-click in this range and select Add to Library. Name it as Taking Off.

  1. Drag to select a range to include frame 21 to 40. Right-click in this range and select Add to Library. Name it as Flapping Wings.

  1. Add this Helper to the custom library by clicking the button at the bottom of the Content Manager.

  2. You may examine the recorded clips in the Perform track. Right-click at any frame in this track and browse the Animation List. Optionally, you may right click on this prop in the 3D viewer and look in the Perform entry to see the animation clips.

Please refer to Prop Animation With Helper section for more information about utilizing the helper.