Perform Track

The Perform track is only grouped in the sub-track set for Actors and iProps. It stores the motion/animation clips as the actors or props perform specific motions/animations. You may command these two objects in Director Mode or Editor Mode.

Director Mode

In the Director Mode, you may command your actors or props to Perform via the Right-click Menu or Hotkeys during the recording process. Once the performing process is done, the motion during the recording will be stored right onto the Perform track.

  1. Toggle the Director Mode by clicking the button if you are in the Editor Mode.

  2. Make sure that you have selected the desired actor or iProp.

  3. You may have your object perform in two methods as it is recording:

  4. The motion/animation clip will be stored into the Perform track instantly as the perform process finishes.

Editor Mode

In the Editor Mode, you may also add motion/animation clips into the Perform track. However, you can only achieve this goal by using the Right-click Menu.

  1. In the Editor Mode, right click on the actor/iProp perform actions.

  1. Select any sub-command in the Perform entry.

  2. The motion/animation clip will be stored into the Perform track instantly.


  • Motion data applied from the Content Manager are recorded in the Perform track and can be connected together as used to from the iClone 2.x Motion Editor.

  • Please refer to the Align Actor Motion section for more information.