Lock Bone

This feature locks up the position of specific bones to prevent them from moving as you are posing the actor with IK operation. It is very useful when you want to put the actor's hands on another object and move the rest of the bones away or even to have the actor to squat without affecting the location of the feet.

The original pose of the actor

  1. Right-click on the actor and select Motion Menu/Edit Motion.

  2. In the Edit Motion Layer panel, click one or more of the Lock icons to set the desired bone to be locked.

  1. Pick one of the bones that you want to move by the IK operation. In this example, the pelvis bone.

The pelvis bone is selected for moving
while the actor's left hand and foot are locked
in position.

Move the bone to see the result.


  • The pelvis bone (LowerTorso) can be rotated in FK mode. However, in IK mode, you must enable at least one of the four locks to have the pelvis be moved.