Exporting BVH Files

BVH (Biovision Hierarchy) files are originally character animation files that are created via motion capture devices. It is widely used in the animation community for humanoid motions.

3DXchange also supports the export of BVH files so that you can convert all the standard character motions in the iClone motion library to other 3D tools (such as DAZ 4, Shade 13) that also support BVH file format.

Exporting BVH Motions

  1. Add one or more motion clips in the Perform Editor, then select one of the clips.
  2. Click the Preference button, and then change the preview model to 02.G5 MotionBone.

    The character in the preview window will be replaces by the motion bone. This step ensures that the exported BVH file is exported with simplified and optimized data.
  3. Click the Export BVH... button on the tool bar; alternatively, you can execute the File >> Export to Other 3D Format >> Export BVH... command to open the Export BVH panel.
  4. Click the OK button to export the motions from the Perform Editor into individual BVH motion files.

Advanced Settings for Exporting BVH (New for 5.1)

If the target 3D tool is Blender, there is now a Blender setting template in the Advanced Settings of the export window.