Adjusting Posture of Standard Character (New for 5.1)

You are now able to import iClone Standard Characters and adjust the T-Pose in Characterization mode. Using this feature you can adjust the posture differences between G2, G3 and G5 characters, and prevent issues such as body leans forward or backward or limb penetration into the body when you apply motions to a character with unique body proportions. This is because of the different predefined T-Pose alignments of characters from various generations rather than the motion data issues.

Straightening the Leaning Body

  1. Load a G3 character into iClone.

    The G3 character leans backward as you apply motions to it.

  2. Go to 3DXchange. Load the character.
  3. Go to the Character (Shortcut: N) section and click the Adjust Standard Bone button.
  4. Switch to the Property tab in the Characterization Mode.
  5. Adjust the Hip Offset value for the character to prevent it from leaning.
  6. Click the Convert button to save the adjustments to the character.
  7. Export the character as a Standard Character to iClone (Shortcut: Ctrl + E).
    (You may optionally click the Apply to iClone button to quickly replace the selected character in iClone with the re-converted one)
  8. Apply the re-converted character and apply any motion. The leaning issue is eliminated.

Modifying Standard Character with Adjusted Body Proportion

In addition to rectifying the leaning issue, you can also use this feature to modify the character's T-pose in order to prevent the penetration of the limbs to the body, especially after the character's body proportion has been changed.

  1. Load a G3 character into iClone and change its body proportion.

    The character's body proportion is adjusted.

  2. Apply a motion. The limbs may penetrate the body.
  3. Select the character, go to the Actor >> Avatar >> Modify page and click the Edit in 3DXchange button.
  4. Go to the Character (Shortcut: N) section and click the Adjust Standard Bone button.
  5. Deactivate the Active box, select the bones that are causing the penetration issue, and then modify the angles of the bones.


    Please refer to the Fine-Tuning the Pose of the Converted Character section for more information.

  6. Activate the Active box and preview the motion result by selecting motion templates from the Preview drop-down list.


    • You can directly preview the motions in the Motion Library (either from the embedded motions of an iAvatar or from any FBX files) from the Preview drop-down list during the characterization procedure before pressing the Convert button.
  7. Click the Convert button.
  8. Click the Apply to iClone button to send the character back to iClone. The penetration issue is then solved.