Character Animation

Animate any character instantly with intuitive tools for face and body animation.

Facial Animation

Create facial animations with accurate lip-sync, puppet emotive expressions, muscle-based face key editing, and an unparalleled iPhone facial capture.

Character Generation

Create realistic or stylized, animation-ready humanoid 3D characters in a short time.

Professional Animation

Powerful animation features get scenes moving thanks to ultimate creative control.
Scene & Prop
Create interiors or natural outdoor environments by combining props and elements of terrain, sky, water, grass and trees.
Light any interior or exterior scene with a comprehensive drag-and-drop lighting system, featuring intuitive modify controls, shadows and presets.
Real Camera System
Produce professional shots by using industry-standard cameras like Alexa, Red, Canon and more!
Superb Real-time Visuals
Intensify scene quality with PBR, VXGI and IBL technology that help you turn a normal 3D scene into a photo-realistic world.
Material Generation
Assign and manage materials via a simplified modify interface to control textures, UV and multi-channel material settings.
Content Resources
Access thousands of ready-to-animate characters, motions, accessories and props without time-consuming modeling procedures.

Video Compositing

Combine videos and 3D scenes with real-time playback and effects; users can incorporate videos as backgrounds and textures, or turn a video into a plane or billboard.
Import & Export
You can import and export all types of 3D assets including; static objects, animated props, skin-bone rigged characters and motion files.
Extensive Plug-Ins
Cater to your specific needs with tools for motion capture and VFX. iClone offers different kinds of plug-ins to expand your creative toolbox.
Extending iClone with Python API
Creative users can now easily augment animation features, and add custom devices to iClone through Python scripting.