Awards & Prizes

The iClone Lip-sync Animation Contest 2021 offers cash and prizes valued over USD$40,000 from various a-list sponsors that have partnered with Reallusion. There are several award categories for you to participate in. For more information, see the award categories and prizes below.

Standard Awards & Prizes - each entry will automatically compete for both categories
1st Prize
US $3,000
2nd Prize
US $2,000
3rd Prize
US $1,000
1st Prize
US $2,500
2nd Prize
US $1,500
3rd Prize
US $1,000
Special Awards & Prizes - DA points & sponsor prizes

Special Awards and Prizes are reserved for outstanding achievement in certain areas of the competition. These awards are juried by our judges and add more to the winnings from sponsor prize packages and DA points to get products from Reallusion.

Best virtual actors delivering a movie line, quote, or scene. Famous characters from TV and film star in your short. Cast scenes with Character Creator Headshot for the starring role.

Best performance of a famous song lyric. Music videos defined an era so pick one of the classics to remake or use a current popular song. iClone AccuLips never forgets the words and is an essential for any music video.

Best use of iClone animated characters in Blender, or design original character assets through CC3 to Blender pipeline. Incorporate with Blender Auto Setup for best Eevee rendering, or share other examples of Blender use in the WIP.

Best use of iClone & MetaHuman lip-sync, animation, or mocap. The iClone LiveLink plugin connects MetaHumans to lip-sync, face and body motion for easy control of MetaHumans from iClone to Unreal Engine.

Replica Studios Text to Animation is a breakthrough in virtual casting for character voices. This award will highlight the best use of Replica voices, animation and voice matching to character style.

Best dressed character award for exceptional design and details. Character clothing, skin, accessories and other special qualities that help them stand out in their performance.

Best likeness of a digital double for appearance, voice & performance. Whether you are creating a likeness from a single photo or from a 3D scan, the most impressive digital doubles and the WIP will be honored.

Outstanding student submission showcasing emerging artists. Students are encouraged to compete with access to free licenses for contest entries. Works submitted will be owned by the student.

Noteworthy submissions achieving special recognition will be given to select entries that showcase great work and commitment throughout the competition.

Sponsor Prizes