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Appealing 3D Characters

These brand new, one-mesh G6 3D characters are designed for versatile body morphs and natural character animations; one outfit can conform to different body shapes. With the enhanced face mesh topology, not only can you change the characters look but you can also make facial expressions appear more smooth and natural. The textures have also been created and refined with professional tools, resulting in astounding skin detail. By using Collision Shape editing, characters can now realistically interact with other physics objects in your scene. Moreover, we have also kept the classic G5 and non-human characters for more options.

3D Character Creator
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New! G6 Characters

This new generation of characters brings the iClone visual quality to the next level with enhanced topology for natural facial animation and body morphs. Enjoy the detail enhancements that have gone into this new breed of characters that really bring out the power and performance of iClone's real-time engine.

3D character physics interaction - Collision Shape Editing - Collision Shape Editing

New! Collision Shape Editing

Character models and animation can now realistically interact with other physics objects in your scene. Simply select any body part and resize the graphic reference to match the desired collision area, then go wild with any interesting physics interactions

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