11 Bonus Sample Projects

After you install Avatar Toolkit 2, you will get 11 bonus sample iClone projects. Learn how to make each case work by observing sample projects and their settings. You can re-animate each project to test the animation results, and reuse all puppet-ready content included in your own design.

I'm All Ears

Let's start from the basics with ear puppet animation. The ears consist of skin-bone models. See how you can animate the pair of ears in a variety of ways using the paired dummy structure

Browse the Brows

Brows are one of the main facial features that express a character's mood. Check out the flexible options you have with brow animation here.

Eye See You

Eyes are probably the most complicated facial part that is based on a paired structure. You need to learn how to open and close the eyelids, define eyeball movement, make them blink. This project demonstrates a unique non-spherical eye setup. By using these techniques, you can create avatars with any eye shape for expanded creative options.

Animate Single & Multiple Items

Yes, you know how to puppet animate one hair, but what about two hairs? Or grass?? You can do this using the mysterious 'others' tab.The others tab allows you to select multiple accessories to animate at the same time.

Full Character Animation - Expression and Accessories

After you've learned how to puppet each accessory, you can go on to puppet entire facial expressions with the expression tab. In this project you will see our cute bunny character go through mood swings according to our puppet control, including happy, angry, sad and excited. These expressions are defined in the expression tab with accessory animation so you can try it out and puppet it by yourself.

Animated Props - Material Effects

In this project, you'll learn how to assign glowing material effects to numerous selected objects, and use the same dot handler to drive this interesting 4-way LED animation.

Animate Props - UV Effects

This sliding board animation looks quite fancy, but the theory is simple. Try to offset texture UV to make your own animated design patterns.

Animate Props - Bone and Material Animation

In this project, you'll see how the Avatar Tookit 2 can be used to create creepy objects like an alien egg (ewww!). You'll learn how to duplicate skin-bone props, adding glowing effects to create a mysterious alien cell animation with the tempo of your mouse movement.

Animate Spring Prop

Physic-based spring animation is eye-pleasing, but how you can combine puppet motion with spring animation at the same time to create this natural result? Find out here!

Animate Props - Scale and Transparency

This elegant bubbling animation is made by assigning material transparency and object scale changes to corresponding 3D objects. You can apply the same skill to make your own blinking Christmas tree that will blink according to your own defined tempo.

Animate Props - Merged 3D Blocks

Demoing a feature that many iClone users are still not aware of, this video shows the power of turning hierarchical props into puppet-ready accessories by simply combining 3D primitives.

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