Customizable Puppet Controller

The controller allows you to freely puppet any character accessory, from tails and wings to eyes and ears. You can choose different types of controller settings for an optimal and personalized control experience. With the multiple target options in your control panel, you can blend your animation parameter definitions to create incredibly smooth and organic animation.

live actor tracking

4 Object Types

There are four types of puppet objects including full face, brows, eyes, ears and others. Apply your accessories to their respective categories, and be creative in the 'other' category!

AvatarToolkit2_4 Object Types

3 UI Types

There are 3 UI types, each with a unique dot controller and different control axes.

AvatarToolkit2_direction-3 UI Types

2 Single or Pair

You can choose to puppet your accessories individually or as a pair in the Avatar Builder.

AvatarToolKit2-2 Single or Pair

Puppet Full Expressions by Combining Accessories

Avatar Toolkit not only allows you to design the puppet behavior for your accessories, but you can also puppet bone or morph-based facial expressions together to achieve vivid facial animation!

Virtual accessory Mainpulation

Define Character Facial Expressions in the Builder

In the Avatar Builder, you can define the character's facial expression. Simply choose any keyframe from the facial motion clip as your motion target, or use 3DXchange5 to import unique expressions from a custom puppet profile.

Define Character Facial Expressions in the Builder

Full Facial Control with 6 Different Target Expressions

You can define up to 6 different moods such as happy, surprised, angry, sad, and more in the same control panel. Place each expression wherever you want on the dot controller to seamlessly blend your pre-defined expression profiles together.

Build your Own Puppet-ready Accessories

With the Avatar Builder, you can create your own puppet-ready accessories for all kinds of characters. You can attach any skin-boned objects or hierachical props to dummy tools to transform them into animatable accessories. If your props already contain spring effect data, you can combine it with animation from the Puppet Controller to get optimal animation results.

Virtual accessory Mainpulation

Auto-align Accessories

Define the accessory alignment for different characters in the Avatar Builder. After you do, your accessory will snap right into place every time you apply it to a character it has alignment data for.

Auto-align Accessories

Dummy Tools for Structural Control

Attaching your objects to the single or paired dummy structure can make it easier to setup sophisticated control behavior. It also simplifies the auto-alignment feature.

Dummy Tools for Structural Control Dummy Tools for Structural Control

Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props

You can do something as simple as attaching two 3D blocks together to make a puppet-ready accessory, or assign controller handles to your own custom bone-rig model to establish complete real-time control over its structure.

Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props

Puppet Bones, UV Maps, and Materials

In addition to animating accessories and facial animation with the Avatar Controller, you can also puppet various other properties of any 3D object such as blend poses for skin-bone props or material and UV parameters.

Puppet Bones, UV Maps, and Materials
Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props

Puppet any Prop

Characters are not the only objects that you can puppet. Be creative and merge various props together and define their animation parameters for some really cool results!

Puppet any Prop-Light
Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props

Unlimited Possibilities for Character Creation

The development of the Avatar Toolkit 2 presents an innovative new assembly-based avatar creation and animation system. Users can easily build up their own unique actors by mixing-and-matching Avatar Toolkit-compatible design assets.

1. Avatar Toolkit Series Content Packs:
Monster Workshop, Toon Maker

With the release of the Avatar Toolkit 2, we would like to introduce the exciting ToonMaker pack which provides users with the resources to extend their design options with 4 main cartoon body styles. In the mean time, we have repacked the Monster Workshop pack as well. All Monster Workshop assets are totally compatible with ToonMaker, and can be freely exchanged.

> Check out Toon Maker content pack
> Check out Monster Workshop content pack

Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props

2. Import your Own 3D Models

Simply import any 3D model via 3DXchange into iClone to customize your own puppet-ready accessories.

Build Animated Accessories from your Own Skin-bone Props
ToonMaker ToonMaker2