Getting Started

  • Ways to Open Curve Editor
  • Using Shift Key to Lock on Value or Time
  • Bouncing Ball Diagram
  • Mimic Gravity with the Curve Editor
  • Controlling Transition Strength
  • Controlling Curve Tension with Handles
  • Changing Keyframe Timing in the Timeline vs Curve Editor

UI Intro

  • Squash and Stretch Diagram
  • Creating the Squash Effect
  • Add Keys to All Curves Function
  • Using Auto Smooth to Retain Proper Tangency
  • Adding Single Key to Curve
  • Saving Props with Keys

V1.1 Update - Path Animation & Other Enhancements

  • Customizing Path Position Curve
  • Rotation Offset
  • Scale Offset
  • Key Usability Enhancements

Walk Cycle 1 - Intro

  • How Does a Walk Cycle Work
  • Breaking Down the Poses
  • Key Two Poses to Remember
  • Up and Down Poses

Walk Cycle 2 - Creating Keyframe Animation

  • Twisting Torso with FK Mode
  • Adjusting Layout of Working Space
  • Auto-Extend Clip
  • Mirroring Pose with Paste Symmetrically Feature
  • Adjusting Feet Position
  • Adjusting Hip Position
  • Adjusting Arms Position
  • Creating Second Part of Walk Cycle

Walk Cycle 3 - Using Reach Effector

  • Removing All Keys for Both Legs and Feet
  • Locking Feet on the Ground with Reach Effector Feature
  • Adjusting Step Poses by Adjusting Effectors
  • Fine-Tuning Motions with Curve Editor

Walk Cycle 4 - Stylizing Motion

  • Creating a Proud Walk
  • Adjusting Hip Position
  • Adjusting the Steps
  • Side by Side Cycles
  • Other Variations Created from Basic Walk Cycle

Physics Animation with Curve Editor Manipulation

  • How to Bake Physics
  • Sampling Animation Clip
  • Taking Sampled Information into the Curve Editor
  • Optimizing Curve for Easy Editing
  • Adjusting the Slide Factor after the Simulation

Reach Effector Pull Up

  • Using Mirror Function to Save Time
  • Using Reach Effectors to Lock/Release Feet Movement
  • Using Reach Effectors to Lock/Release Hands Movement
  • Using Hip Reach Effector to Drive Pull up Movement
  • Using Motion Layer Editor to Fine Tune the Legs
  • Using Curve Editor to Smooth out Pops and Animate Leg Follow Thru

*Get the motion demonstrated in this tutorial for practice.